Other Casino Games The Side Games

The games discussed in the previous pages are far and away the most popular ones offered the casinos. They get the most money action and give the house the biggest profits. However, there are other casino games, sometimes called side games, which net the casino a steady profit.

Not all the games covered in this section will be found in every casino, but the reader should know something about them, if for no other reason than to know that they’re all sucker games and should be avoided.

Big Six or Money Wheel

The game is known either name and is a relic of the old carnival spin-the-wheel game, in which a wheel is turned the operator, and if the correct symbol or number comes up, the player wins.

Most clubs don’t have the big six wheel and those that do generally have no more than one in operation. However, since the wheel was a popular attraction for many many years on the boardwalk in Atlantic City , casinos there have installed them.

The wheel itself is usually an ornate and elaborate affair about six feet in diameter. On its pedestal it stands about eight feet off the floor. The wheel is divided into nine parts, in a continuous circle, each part holding six pockets, so that there are fifty-four individual pockets, each holding one of the symbols that can be bet on.

Dividing each pocket are metal nails, and as the wheel is spun, a suspended leather strap hits each pocket in turn, till the machine slows down and finally stops of its own momentum, with the strap then standing clearly in one pocket. Whoever has wagered on the symbol of that pocket wins his or her bet.

The wheels today are marked with American currency symbols. There are $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20 denominations represented, and should the strap stand in a pocket containing any of these symbols, the payoff would be that amount.